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Cohasset understands that new and innovative products are the key to your success. Although we have dozens of classic best sellers we also work hard to bring you the next best idea.

We accomplish this goal by visiting Bali often and sharing new American trends with the traditional Balinese artist that make our products. This collaboration is what sets Cohasset apart from most other importers and translates into to unique products with very broad appeal. This combination equals better than average margins and a faster turnover.

Cohasset Bells are made by the same artists in Bali that make our bamboo wind chimes. Carved from fast growing coconut wood and then hand painted. The drift wood is collected by village fishermen. The perfect combination of driftwood and beads are arranged together on heavy nylon cord to make this fun work of art .

Perfect indoors or out. Occasional application of any clear spray finish will enhance longevity.  Check back periodically to see newly added items.  One of them may be your next best seller!